Carolinae Röster

Carolinae Röster (meaning "Carolinae Voices"), an ensemble based in Lund, Sweden, comprises around 30 soprano and alto voices driven by high artistic and creative aspirations, under the leadership of Ulrika Emanuelsson. Established in 2003 as Carolinae Damkör, the group passionately shares the conductor's affinity for unconventional choir pieces.

With infectious enthusiasm and boundless curiosity, the choir delves into vocal techniques and genres from all around the world, encompassing newly composed choir works, world music, throat singing, and overtone singing. Their performances often take place in unique concert venues, showcasing special arrangements crafted by the choir's director, the acclaimed composer Ulrika Emanuelsson.

While the ensemble frequently graces traditional settings like churches, concert halls, and corporate events, their true passion lies in pushing boundaries. Whether immersed in the tranquility of forests with pine needles adorning their hair or standing inside ponds in rubber boots, the choir seeks novel concert experiences that unite audience and performers in fresh and unexpected settings.

In recognition of their cultural contributions, the choir was honored with Lund municipality's Cultural Prize of the Year in 2014.

Pictures: Lukas Arnsby, Markus Nilsson and Valhur Lõhmus.